Receta de yogur natural con muesli y caqui persimon.


- 1 coconut yogurt by Abbot Kinney.

- 1 handful of nuts.

- 50 g of muesli with sunflower seeds, raisins, oats, dehydrated fruit and nuts.

- ½ persimmon.. 

*It is preferable to use organic or proximity ingredients


① Add in a bowl 1 coconut yogurt.

② Add the toppings, in this case, the muesli and the nuts.

③ Peel the seasonal fruit, which is the persimmon, and cut into slices. We add on the surface of the bowl as a topping too.

Here you have a tasty breakfast with relevant nutrients!

If you want to add a drop of sweetness, you can do it adding honey, coconut sugar, agave or rice syrup, although we recommend stevia.

Besides if you want more contributrion of protein , you can add a little of your favorite Be Essential® protein powder of Choco Explosion flavor, Fresh Vanilla or Peanut Caramel and Choco ... and enjoy more flavor!

04 febrero 2019 by Be Essential

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