-  1 measure of Be Collagen strawberry flavor.

- 1 large glass of water or milk (we recommend that it be vegetable).

- 1 glass of frozen blueberries.

- Rosemary to decorate.

- Sweetener (optional).

* It is preferable to use organic or proximity ingredients.


① Pour the cranberries in the blender with the large glass of water or milk and a measure of Be Collagen by Be Essential  to add that delicious strawberry flavor. Blend them until well creamy.

② If you desired, we recommend sweetening with stevia or another type of sweetener (coconut sugar, agave syrup, etc.). Finish it liquefying.

③ Serve immediately and decorate with a sprig of rosemary.

Advice: sbe creative and decorate it as you prefer. If you dare, you can add some mint leaves to the blender to give it freshness!

Type of smoothie: low in calories and gluten free. 

* These nutritional values are accounted with water. If you add milk, these nutritional values will vary depending on the type of milk used. 

01 febrero 2019 by Be Essential

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