- 60 g of whole oat flakes.

- 40 g of Perfect Meal flavor White Choco by Be Essential.

- 30 g of chopped natural nuts. 

- 1 egg.

- 25 g de Coconut Oil by Be Essential.

- Sweetener to taste.

*It is preferable to use organic or proximity ingredients.


① Put the natural nuts inside a bag and roll over them until chopping them.

② Then, in the bowl of the chopper we put the oat flakes and crush them a little, without turning them into flour. We add all the other ingredients in the chopper. Previously the COCONUT oil will have to melt a few seconds in the microwave because it will be solid, and we process everything well until it forms a paste.

③ We take out and knead a few minutes.

④ We take globs, make them balls, crush them and we give them the shape of a cookie.

⑤ We put them in the oven tray lined with vegetable paper and put them for 20 minutes at 200 ° or remove them when they are golden brown to our liking.

⑥ Let cool and ready!

Perfect Meal by Be Essential is a preparation composed of ingredients like oatmeal, protein and hydrolyzed collagen. It is the perfect ally to accompany those meals that go with the right time and provide the body with the necessary nutrients.

26 febrero 2019 by Be Essential

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