- 100 g of oatmeal.

- 1 Scoop of Whey Concentrate Fresh Vanilla by Be Essential®..

- 50 ml of Be Essential® Coconut Oil.

- 4 ecological eggs.

- 2 tbsp of natural sweetener (stevia, coconut sugar, dates, ripe banana, etc)..

- 1 tsp of organic yeast.

- 1 tsp cinnamon.

- 150 g of grated carrot.

- A few drops of vanilla essence.

- Nuts.

- For the cover: beaten cheese, vanilla essence and natural sweetener.

* It is preferable to use organic or proximity ingredients.


① Mix the oatmeal, yeast, cinnamon and protein. We reserve it.

②  In a bowl we mix the eggs, the stevia and the essence of vanilla. We add the coconut oil and the carrot.

③ We add the mixture of dry ingredients from step 1 to the mixture made in step 2 little by little and we move. Once all the dough is mixed, add the chopped nuts, according to taste. 

④  We add it to a silicone mold or to a mold greased with coconut oil and add it in the oven at 170º up to 30 minutes.

⑤ We take out and let cool.

⑥ For the coverage: we mix the beaten cheese with the vanilla essence and the sweetener.

⑦ Once cold, we cut it in half, add part of the cream to the cake underneath, put the other part of the cake on top, and add the top cover.

Type of recipe:rich in potassium, phosphorus and protein.

Tip: to increase the protein value, you can use it for the Perfect Meal Vanilla Cookie or White Choco, and for the coverage, use the Whey Concentrate protein, as considered.

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