Yes, let's be honest. It is true that many times we set goals that at the end we can not get because of the pace of life we lead, too much stress, too many things in the day, children ...

But there is also laziness! And set ourselves complicated goals.

It is not necessary that we set unattainable goals, neither it is necessary to have a square chocolate stomach.

It is better to get real and progressive objectives.

However to keep our abdomen and lower back strengthened helps us to maintain a balance in our body, especially if we are sitting at work for many hours.

Or if you have been a mother, the abdomen is modified.

You will notice that you feel more light and healthy, which will also affect your mood.

That's why Marta and Carla, or what is the same, @gemesfit, bring you an easy and basic routine to start working your abdomen and improve in your workouts progressively.

These are some exercises that you can do anywhere without having to leave home, and they are perfects to perform 2 to 3 times a week.



  • Knee crunches 4 series x 30"
  • Climbing 4 series x 30"
  • Leg raises 4 series x 30"
  • Lateral shrinkage 4 series x 30"

Rest for 1 minute after complete the circuit and do the 4 series of this circuit.

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