Hello beautiful! Today we have decided to present to you our pure  COCONUT OIL pure by BE ESSENTIAL®, from the first cold pressed or what is the same, VIRGIN and ECOLOGICAL. And so tell you a little about this great product so you can enjoy it completely free, without any doubt.

Lately you may have heard many contradictory things about coconut oil. There has been much controversy regarding this in food. It was, and to this day, it has continued trying to unseat by different industries, arguing that it has a high content of saturated fats and that these are bad, since it increases cholesterol.

However, different studies have shown that the fats found in COCONUT OIL play an important role in HEALTH.

Now, we have to distinguish two different types of COCONUT OIL:

-REFINED: it is obtained from the dry pulp of the coconut through a process of refining deodorization and whitening.

This method is not healthy, as well as involving chemical processes, result in high levels of free fatty acids and partial hydrogenation.

-VIRGIN OR FIRST PRESSED: it is obtained from the fresh and mature pulp of the coconut by mechanical or natural means. Without chemical processes.


Being of vegetable origin, COCONUT OIL does not contain cholesterol.

Recent studies indicate that the medium chain saturated fatty acids of virgin coconut reduce total cholesterol, that is, increase the good (HDL) and prevent the LDL from rising or becoming harmful.

Of course, if it is ECOLOGICAL, much better.

Therefore, COCONUT OIL can be a great ally for our HEALTH, but not only in cholesterol regulation, but also has multiple benefits for it.

But not only this! But it has different uses. In the KITCHEN (feeding) and as a BEAUTY product. We tell you some benefits and tricks!


1-Helps fight infections: thanks to its content in lauric, capric, caprylic and polyphenols. Not only stomach, but also fungal.

Trick: ideal to improve the breath, since this can kill harmful bacteria from our mouth, in addition to giving us better dental health.

2-Slimming: stimulates the energy metabolism with thermogenic effect. It is also known to reduce abdominal fat.

Tip: put a teaspoon in your morning coffee.

3-Anti-inflammatory effect: studies show that 2g a day can help reduce markers of acute inflammation.

4-Beneficial to the brain: in vitro studies shows how it attenuates the effects of a peptide related to cognitive damage. It is related to Alzheimer's and epilepsy.

5-Helps regulate appetite: since it generates ketone bodies, which help reduce excess appetite.

6-Kitchen: as we have commented previously. And it has multiple uses.

Tip: Trick: you can use it hot to cook your recipes (like the use we give you in this recipe of NOODLES WITH MUSHROOMS, CHICKEN AND BROCCOLI., either grilled or even fry, since its melting point is at 182 ° C presenting greater stability than some unsaturated vegetable oils and therefore, generating less toxic.

Olive oil and coconut oil are similar in this last aspect, but olive oil loses more nutrients when heated.

Cold to make sauces for your salad.

Or to make delicious desserts.

7-Help in the health of your skin, hair and nails: It is a fantastic moisturizer for your whole body. It also protects the skin from ultraviolet UVB rays


  • Hair: if you apply to your hair and let it act a few minutes while you massage the scalp before rinsing, it will help you both in its growth and in its shine.
  • Skin: use it as your daily moisturizer.
  • Nails: apply before going to sleep a little coconut oil on your nails, you will notice how they strengthen and hydrate giving you more shine.


DO YOU KNOW OTHER BENEFITS OR DO YOU GIVE ANOTHER USE TO THIS WONDERFUL PRODUCT? If so, comment on our IG post, and that's how we all help each other.


Although we have discussed several points that we talk about that helps reduce cholesterol, helps you lose weight or reduce appetite, we are not dealing with a fat burner, but we talk about the benefits of a great product. Therefore, it is not the only measure we must take if your goal is to lose fat. For this there is another series of products, although we must not forget that the most important thing is to lead a healthy life with a good diet and exercise. In addition to asking for professional help.

So, yes girls! This wonderful product is not missing either in our kitchen or in our bathroom. What's more, even our husbands have become COCO ADICITS!

We hope that this article has helped you to also decide to have COCONUT OIL as an essential product for your BEAUTY and KITCHEN set. 

¡BE CAREFUL! Create addiction ;P

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* DO NOT use COCONUT OIL or any other product against any type of disease without first consulting your doctor. Remember that they do not stop being fat, although with many benefits, we should not abuse. 

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