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No artificial preservatives

Food substitute for weight control diets.

With hydrolyzed collagen, vitamins, flax seeds and inulin that helps the absorption of calcium.

Work, children and home…many times due to the lack of time we do not cook what we would have to, the hunger takes over us and at mealtime we eat anything, fast and unhealthy.

Be organized in healthy diets and weight loss is essential but unplanned events arise.  PERFECT MEAL can be your best ally by providing in that food the nutrients you need.

It is a simple option to help you in your weight control, rich in protein and that gives just a few calories, with a delicious taste.

With an exclusive DIGEZYME® formula and oatmeal that will help you to digest better the food you eat while maintaining good digestive health.

That the contingencies do not control your diet, control your weight with PERFECT MEAL BE ESSENTIAL

It contains 500G.

Ingredients: Harina de avena (GLUTEN), Aislado de proteína de suero de LECHE 90% en polvo (Emulgente: lecitina de SOJA), Asilado de proteína de SOJA 90%, Colágeno hidrolizado, Cacao en polvo desgrasado 8.8%, Concentrado de proteína de suero de LECHE 80% en polvo, Semilla de lino en polvo, Polidextrosa, Palatinasa, Maltodextrina, Aromas, Complejo multivitamínico-mineral (Gluconato de potasio, fosfato dicálcico, citrato de potasio, citrato de sodio, carbonato de magnesio, L-ascorbato cálcico (Vitamina C), fumarato ferroso, acetato de D-alfa-tocoferilo (Vitamina E), nicotinamida (Niacina), acetato de retinilo (Vitamina A), óxido de zinc, pantotenato cálcico (Ácido pantoténico), sulfato de cobre, colecalciferol (Vitamina D), clorhidrato de piridoxina (Vitamina B6), riboflavina (Vitamina B2), sulfato de manganeso, clorhidrato de tiamina (Vitamina B1), ácido pteroilmonoglutámico (Ácido fólico), cianocobalamina (Vitamina B12), yoduro potásico, selenito sódico, D-Biotina (Biotina)), Emulgente: lecitina de SOJA, MCT (triglicéridos de cadena media), Inulina, Espesantes (E466, E415 y E407), Cloruro sódico, Edulcorante: E955 y Complejo multi-eznimatico Digezyme®: (Amilasa, Celulasa, Lactasa, Lipasa, Proteasa).

Warnings: Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of young children.

Allergens: Contains cereals that contain gluten, milk, soy and its derivates. It may contain traces of egg, celery, sulphur dioxide and sulphites, fish, mollusk and crustaceans.

Energy 1262.89Kj/ 301.84Kcal     631.44Kj/ 150.92 Kcal   
Fats 5.6 g 2.8 g
Of which saturates 0.45 g 0.225 g
Carbohydrates 27.56 g 13.78 g
Of which sugars 1.5 g 0.75 g
Fibre 5.77 g 2.88 g
Proteins 48 g 24 g
Salt 0.31 g 0.15 g
Whey protein isolate 9500 mg 19000 mg
Soy protein isolate 5000 mg 10000 mg
Hydrolized collagen 5000 mg 10000 mg
Whey protein concentrate 3500 mg 7000 mg
Oatmeal 10750 mg 21500 mg
Palatinase 1500 mg 3000 mg
Inulin 300 mg 600 mg
Polidextrose 2200 mg 4400 mg
Flax seed soluble powder 3000 mg 6000 mg
MCT (medium chain triglicerides) 750 mg 1500 mg
Dygezime (amilase, cellulase, lactase, lipase, protease) 2.5 mg 5 mg
Vitamin A 105 µg RE 13.13%* 210 µg RE 26.25%*
Vitamin D 0.75 µg 15%* 1.5 µg 30%*
Vitamin B1 1.5 µg 30%* 0.33 mg 30%*
Vitamin B2 0.33 mg 30%* 0.48 mg 34.5%*
Vitamin B6 15.42%* 15.42%* 0.45 mg 32.14%*
Vitamin B12 0.21 µg 8.4%* 0.42 µg 16.8%*
Niacin 2.7 mg NE 16.88%* 5.4 mg NE 33.75%*
Folic Acid 30 µg 15%* 60 µg 30%*
Pantothenic acid 0.45 mg 7.5%* 0.9 mg 15%*
Vitamin E 0.45 mg 7.5%* 3.3mg α-TE 27.5%*
Vitamin C 6.75 mg 8.44%* 13.5 mg 16.87%*
Sodium 42.21 mg 84.41 mg
Iron 1.2 mg 8.57%* 2.4 mg 17.1%*
Copper 82.5 µg 8.25%* 165 µg 16.5%*
Selenium 4.25 µg 7.73%* 8.5 µg 15.45%*

*NRV: Nutrient Reference Value.

Directions: : Mix 50g with 200 ml of water or milk. Take once or twice a day as meal replacement.